What are the functional uses for the folding screens/partitions?

January 7, 2020

Latest company news about What are the functional uses for the folding screens/partitions?

Folding screens, also was called folding partition or folding room dividers, which have a long history and it as an important part of traditional commercial furniture. The folding screen is generally displayed in a prominent position indoors, and plays a role of separation, landscaping, wind protection and coordination.


Due to the flexible movement of the folding screen and the increasing demand of the market, the folding screen will be more and more recognized and used by people. And they are widely used in office conference room, restaurant, hotel banquet hall, hospital and many other public places. Based on this, EBUNGE Company need to innovate to meet the development of the times, make its own changes according to the development of the times, and be the best folding screen partition with the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection and economy.


The folding partition screen can turn an big and empty office space into some smaller space, so that employee has his own office space and owns his own space. So what are the advantages of folding screens?


1. Flexible space reorganization, 90% of materials can be reused;


2. Modular assembly on-site and very easy to install;


3. The different surface materials are more humane and personalized;


4. Ultra-large-capacity cabling function makes the integrated wiring system more hidden and intelligent;


5. Convenient and quick storage;


6. The folding screen can be recombined and used to save raw materials and fully demonstrate the superiority of high spacing;


7. Selection of environmental protection materials, clean assembly of mechanized production construction site;


8. There is no irritating odor after construction, and it is a truly environmentally friendly product.