What kind of material is the movable wall partition made of?

April 16, 2021

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What kind of material is the movable wall partition made of?



The movable wall partition is generally composed of aluminum tracks, hanging wheel, aluminum alloy frame, upper and lower profile,sound insulation material, different surface, telescopic mechanism, handle, etc.


1. Aluminum tracks: EBUNGE movable wall partition aluminum track is extruded from aluminum alloy 6063-T6 after anodizing treatment. The aluminum alloy track after anodizing can not only make the track connected perdectly, but also providing a safe, stable, corrosion-resistant and durable operating environment for the movable partition.


2. Hanging wheel: imported bearings are used for all lifting wheels of one solid partition, and the screw strength is above 8.8. The external glue of hanging wheel is made of POM material imported from American DuPont saigang, which greatly improves the use experience and durability of movable partition.


3. Aluminum alloy frame: it is made of high-quality 6063-T6 aluminum material. Compared with the wood structure, aluminum keel structure more stable. At the same time, the internal structure of each partition is more strong and environmentally friendly.


4. Upper and lower profile: in the upper and lower profile of movable partition, the innovative installation of sound insulation strips greatly improves the sealing performance with the ground and ceiling, and the sound insulation coefficient is improved in all aspects.


5. Sound insulation material: high density glass wool is adopted, which not only has the advantages of light weight and combustion supporting, but also has high absorption coefficient, which greatly improves the sound insulation coefficient of movable wall partition.


6. Different surfaces: there are many different surface for the movable wall partition, such as the MDF or Plywood(bare surface), melamine or laminate(most cost effective and very easy to clean), leather or fabric(soft and hard cover also available), mirror, HPL, writing board, etc...


7. Telescopic mechanism: there will be a telescopic mechanism inside each panel, when you operate the panel, the mechanism will go up and down, the space is around 22.5 -32 mm. So the movable wall partition is a sealing system, there is no gap between up and down.


8. Handle: the handle is similar like a key for the door. We just use the handle to move and lock the movable wall partition panel.


Nowadays the movable wall partition is widely used in hotel banquet hall, convention center, office conference room, training room, studio, church, musuem, etc... For more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.