In addition to dividing the space smartly, what else does a mobile partition do?

December 7, 2019

Latest company news about In addition to dividing the space smartly, what else does a mobile partition do?

In addition to dividing the space smartly, what else does a mobile partition do?


In today's decoration, people pay more attention to effect and quality. Mobile partitions are sound proof flexible partition products in addition to fixed partitions. They are smart to deal with all kinds of space problems. The feature of being movable is to let its name spread quickly. Hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, banquet halls, schools, companies, etc. all use it to replace the solid wall in the interior, which can not only orderly create different pattern spaces, but also make the space full of changing colors at any time.


In the modern style of decoration, this mobile partition wall is also in keeping with the trend. Considering the factors of daylight, it is convenient to use in some places. Glass can be embedded in the partition wall to allow more light to pass through the room. In addition, The partition system can also be made into a hollowed-out style, which has a classic Chinese style, with delicate and exquisite processing methods.


The sound proof mobile partition wall is a wall that distinguishes the interior of the space, separating the spaces with different functions, maintaining communication within the space, and replacing the way of the solid wall to isolate the space. It is used in many places in life. It can be used to separate spaces in large places, and different spaces can be used for different purposes. For large places such as hotels, it can be used to reduce the number to zero. For scattered uses, it can also save space and energy, whether it is life It is very much needed for business.


Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone is no stranger to mobile partitions. Mobile partitions are movable partitions in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and other high-end places. So what are the characteristics of mobile partitions? What is the basic function of its mobile partition?


1. Protect the wall


I know that some "partition walls" in the construction not only have to bear the load as load-bearing members, but also need to make envelope structures according to the needs of production and day, to achieve the purposes of sheltering from wind and rain, heat insulation, noise prevention, and safety. , And some moving intervals only coordinate the protection role. Therefore, the moving partition decoration should be based on the functions and requirements of different walls, improve the durability of the wall, compensate for and improve the lack of functions of the wall, and do not affect the normal function of the data of the wall.


2. Decoration appearance


Although the appearance of the building depends on the artistic treatment methods such as the volume, method, share, standard, and true and false comparison of the building, the texture, color, and line shape reflected in the wall decoration are also important factors that constitute the overall effect. Let us assume that different mobile wall materials with different structures have different structures and will have different applications and decoration effects.


The current material for partitioning is an aluminum alloy keel, which is composed of tempered glass, triamine plate, steel plate and other materials. Such a high interval can pass through a good perspective, good lighting, and easy to clean. As the months get older, there will be some dust flying in the seams of the high-aluminum alloy keel. At this time, it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out. The appearance of the plate may be steel, do not use water or detergent to scrub, just use feather duster or soft towel to quietly scrub.

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