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April 30, 2020

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Movable partition walls are a form of temporary walls which serve to divide a large space into 2 or more small rooms in place of permanent walls. The panels can be set out as a wall with sound insulation function. When you are in need of a large space, just store the panels away. The operation of movable partition is really easy which benefits people's life a lot.

1. Space Management

Movable walls offer an effective space solution for many environment including hotel banquet hall, meeting room, exhibition hall, conference room, International convention center, KTV, upscale restaurants, office building, school, hospitals and others.

2. Smart use of space

Movable partition walls can be applied in interior space which can help you divide a large space into several small rooms for different fuction. Afterall, the movable partition walls can help us create the utmost utilisation of our space.

3. Acoustic

The movable partition wall series is the highest specification range of fully operable, individual-panel partition system. Acoustic insulation of up to 55db noise reduction is achieved with a combination of operable top and bottom seals, high performance multiple infills and a panel assembly design that allows an acoustic break between the frame and outer layer.

4. Operation

We apply hanging system in the design of our movable partition. There is no floor track which ensures our partition free of dirt and obstruction. This system also ensures the easy operation of our partition. You just need to push the partition slightly and the panels will move along the ceiling track smoothly.


The bottom panel is MDF or plywood, which is unfinished face.

You can do decoration on site, such as wallpaper, paint, etc.

We can also provide the product with finished face, such as melamine, faux wood, woven fabric and leather.

Choose from our stylish fabric or leather covers and have the option to have a soft/hard surface.

We can also provide glass partition for glass clip or aluminum frame panel

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